McMinnville Municipal Airport, Runway 17-35 Reconstruction & Taxiways Construction, Environmental and Engineering Services

McMinnville, Oregon

McMinnville Airport is one of Century West’s key clients. We have worked with their airport staff on numerous projects to enhance the airfield throughout the years and look forward to continued work with them. McMinnville staff has often commented that they appreciate the work Century West does to move smoothly through the FAA process for funding and approval as well as the services we provide throughout construction.

Century West designed the reconstruction of McMinnville’s Runway 17-35 (4,430 feet x 35 feet), the construction of a new hangar area taxiway (1,500 feet x 75 feet), installation of a pavement underdrain system, and new storm drainage infrastructure. The runway reconstruction design called for the pulverization of the existing pavement section and reuse of the material in the new runway’s subbase section. The hangar area taxiway was constructed on the airfield to enable further development of the on airport hangar area, eliminate congestion in the hangar area, and serve as an access point for an existing through the fence operation.

The construction of the hangar area taxiway required the crossing of a 50-foot wide drainage swale. Wetland and other environmental permitting were required from Federal and State governmental agencies. Century West led this permitting process and was able to procure the needed permits without affecting the construction timeline. We ensured all permit requirements were maintained throughout construction for both agencies. Additionally, Century West performed construction management and prepared project closeout paperwork for the FAA.