Redmond Municipal Airport, Taxiway G & Taxiway C Reconstruction

Redmond, Oregon

Century West, acting as the Redmond Airport’s Aviation Engineering Consultant, worked closely with the Airport staff to develop this project for extensive taxiway reconstruction. Century West prepared the design and performed construction management services for work including reconstruction of TW C, reconstruction and widening of TW G, and reconstruction of taxiway exits where TW G and TW C connect to TW A and TW D. The existing taxiway lighting system was replaced with a new MITL, new guidance signs, and other miscellaneous electrical system upgrades. Additionally, all airport Runway holdbars were reviewed for compliance to FAA standards and redesigned if necessary to meet standards. Painted pavement holdbar signage was designed and implemented where necessary.

Our staff worked with the Redmond Airport staff as well as the FAA to obtain approvals and funding for desired project outcomes. As the airport’s on-call consultant, Century West prepared all design and construction documentation including Pre-design meeting minutes, Design Reports, Construction Management Plan, Contract Drawings and Specifications, and updated Signage Plan for the airport, and all FAA required project forms.

This project included reconstruction of taxiways and updates to existing utilities. We also reviewed Runway Safety Areas and located new signage and striping coming off of an apron to hold traffic out of the Safety Area. Extensive work was done for airfield lighting upgrades along both taxiways. Infield areas were regraded to improve drainage and new storm piping was designed for construction. Phasing plans were developed to maintain necessary access throughout the airport during the project. Restrictions were placed on critical intersections and interface areas to emphasize the importance of access into this airfield environment.