Bend Municipal Airport, Airport Master Plan Update

Bend, Oregon

Century West Engineering was selected to conduct a comprehensive update of the 1997 airport master plan. Bend Municipal Airport has grown rapidly in recent years and has attracted a wide range of aviation related business and a growing locally based business jet and turboprop fleet. It is currently the busiest general aviation airport in Central Oregon and among Oregon’s most active airports used by business aviation.

Century West has completed all major planning work for the airport dating back to the late-1970s. The most recent master planning analyzed runway length requirements and upgrades needed to accommodate FAA airport design and airspace planning standards consistent with increased business jet traffic. Based on Century West’s planning analyses, the airport has completed construction of a new 5,200-foot runway, replacing the original runway. A second (dual) parallel taxiway on the east of the runway was completed in 2011 and a new (relocated) west parallel taxiway was constructed in 2012.

The primary issues addressed in the current master plan update included evaluation of runway extension needs, the feasibility of upgrading the runway-taxiway system to accommodate Aircraft Approach C and D aircraft, redevelopment of the terminal area to better accommodate business aircraft activity, and defining the future facility configuration for the airport’s east landside area. The master plan also included a helicopter landing area siting study and an evaluation of potential industrial development area on and adjacent to the airport. Century West is currently preparing an FAA Environmental Assessment (EA) for the helicopter landing pad.