On-Call Consulting, Liberty Lake Sewer & Water District

Liberty Lake, Washington

Century West provides on-call consulting to the District for the day-to-day problems that arise in operating and maintaining the sewer and water systems. We have provided specifications and recommendations for numerous equipment replacements/upgrades to sewage lift stations, well pump stations, the sewer collection and water distribution systems. Century West has daily contact with the District Manager and operators to assist in the operations as needed. We provide monthly reports at District Board meetings to keep them apprised of activities within the District.

Century West has also provided utility and drainage reviews for commercial and residential developments in the Liberty Lake area since 1990. These reviews have included sewer collection and water distribution system extensions to over 40 residential developments, 20 large commercial developments, and various sewer and water system upgrades. We have worked closely with the District Manager and operators to determine needed improvements to the District’s systems that are to be paid by developers to support growth to the area. Some of these improvements have included additional water storage, a new well, upgraded telemetry systems, sewage lift stations, and alternative treatment methods.