Third Street Underpass Stormwater Improvements

Bend, Oregon

Century West was selected to design and manage construction for the solution to this flood-prone underpass on South 3rd Street, a major arterial street in the City of Bend. Century West lead the multidisciplinary project team that included design of Low Impact Development (LID) facilities including infiltration swales and ponds, drill hole decommissioning, a pump station in the 3rd Street underpass, stormwater conveyance, and public involvement for the project. Preliminary analysis included traffic and detour impacts, geotechnical investigation, and environmental review. The nature of the stormwater solution for the project included incorporating LID practices such as drainage swales (detention and infiltration), stormwater collection structures, and stormwater collection piping, a stormwater lift station, stormwater transmission piping, pavement restoration and incidental utility modification and relocation. Century West also lead a public involvement and public relations program to gather input and inform residents and businesses of progress, plans, and impacts.

View the project fact sheet here.