Veneta Territorial Highway Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Veneta, Oregon

Century West completed construction documents for the replacement of approximately 3000 LF of 8″ sewer pipe with new 10″ and 15″ sewer along Territorial Highway in Veneta, Oregon. The project was completed following acceptance of AC trench patching all by ODOT in their Right of Way. The design also included approximately 30 sewer service replacements along the length of the main. The intent of this design was to eliminate a bottleneck in the current sewer configuration and improve overall flow and capacity of the system. Century West provided the City with a design that would allow the new sewer main to be installed by either open cutting or pipe bursting, allowing the potential for construction cost savings. Based on the existing conditions and locations of the sewer service laterals, it was determined that the new service laterals would be installed only by pipe bursting, eliminating additional open cutting of the existing ODOT highway and lowering overall project costs. The project was funded by the City of Veneta’s Capital Improvement program. Extensive coordination was necessary with ODOT and the City of Veneta to complete the design and conform to each jurisdiction’s standards.