Oregon City Waterline Improvements I &II

Oregon City, Oregon

Century West was hired to provide engineering, design, and construction services for phased waterline improvement project throughout the City. In phase I, Century West completed engineering services to upgrade approximately 11,000 feet of 6 inch through 12 inch ductile iron waterline throughout the City and specifically included the Park Place area. As part of the replacement work, an 800 foot section of 8 inch ductile iron pipe was designed across an ancient landslide to provide a looped water system. A geotechnical report was provided to identify the slip plane and recommend an acceptable approach to safely install the waterline through this area with minimal risk of future washout. This involved burying the pipe approximately 15 feet deep and using field lock joints reducing the potential for the pipe to separate in the future with any earth movement.
In phase II of the project, Century West provided design and construction services for approximately 15,000 feet of 6 inch through 16 inch ductile iron waterline throughout the City to replace undersized mains or replace old cast iron pipes. Specific efforts required for the 16 inch pipe included extensive coordination during design/construction to accommodate a joint utility trench shared with Beavercreek Telephone Company. A bank of seven PVC conduits were installed in the bottom of the 16 inch waterline trench for future use by fiber optic cables. The 5,000 foot joint trench was located within a busy County roadway and required extensive flagging and other measures to insure smooth flow of traffic. The remaining improvements were located within existing local City streets. Construction administration services included full time observation, weekly construction meetings, and record drawings supplied by the Contractor.