Our Approach

Solutions-driven and relationship-based

Our approach is to develop and provide not only designs, but comprehensive, forward-thinking solutions.The solutions that we provide our clients are innovative, technically correct and based on the critical process of understanding our clients and tailoring services that meet their specific needs.


Through our approach to developing effective solutions, we meet our clients’ expectations for schedule, quality and the tailored service that we provide. We keep clients informed and engaged in the process.

One firm, one team culture

We work as a single team to meet common goals and objectives. We provide challenge and flexibility to our staff to succeed and enjoy their careers. We recognize that true capability is helping our clients to achieve their description of project success.

Quality control

Century West ensures that each project is a success from both a technical and non-technical standpoint. We achieve Quality Control at Century West by following these fundamental steps:

  • Assign the most qualified Project Manager
  • Review project tasks and assign the most qualified personnel to meet each task requirement
  • Hold regular project review meetings with our clients
  • Maintain effective communication with clients by issuing monthly status reports
  • A general review of all technical documents, including drafts, is performed by an independent registered professional other than the project design engineer or technical author