I have just finished reviewing the Draft Facility Requirements chapter …it is one of the most complete, comprehensive, well-written, and detailed Facility Requirements chapters I have ever read.
– Stan Allison, former Program Manager Washington State Department of Transportation Aviation Division, current FAA Seattle Airport District Office Assistant Manager
I agree with Stan’s assessment, your paper is one of the best we’ve received in a long time...Excellent job!...It is nice to read material put together by professionals.
– Mary Vargas, Aviation Planner (Washington), FAA Seattle Airport District Office
…Century West is always available to assist in review and comment on developer water and sewer plans and make recommendations to the District and Board of Commissioners...requests for service are met with timely and immediate response.
– Lee Melish, General Manager, Liberty Lake Sewer & Water District
The Century West team has exceeded all our expectations for project delivery. This allowed the City of Bend to deliver successful high-value solutions for our community.
– Scott Gillespie, PE, former Project Manager, City of Bend, Public Works (currently with the City of Eugene)
Your staff has gone the extra mile to make sure that our residents concerns are quickly addressed…We strongly recommend your firm to any cities or Towns in need of engineering services. Century West has continued to look out for the City’s needs and help us find ways to affordably fund our projects.
– John Jaeger, Mayor, City of Tekoa
It was the dependable thoroughness to detail, excellent QA/QC on the construction documents, great integrity and then follow-through during construction…that sets Ron and his team distinctly in a class by themselves…
– Dewayne Kliewer, PE, Project Manager, Clackamas County Water, Environment Services
Since you…have done such a good job on the environmental component of this project, I am using it as a training tool for two new people doing environmental in our office…
– Cayla Morgan, Environmental Protection Specialist, FAA
The entire job, from initial planning through design and eventual completion of construction remained within budget and included superior coordination between all affected stakeholders.  
– Jason Rice, PE, Civil Engineer, City of Milwaukie