Eola Drive NW Corridor Improvements

Salem, OR



Easements Added


Street Design


Roadway Reconstruction


For this project, Century West conducted the design of approximately 5,500 feet of street located in West Salem. The improvements included a complete reconstruction of approximately 3,500 feet with an additional third lane, bicycle lanes, and sidewalks on both sides. A new traffic signal was also included at the northerly terminus of the project. The remaining 2,000 feet had the appropriate street section and sidewalks but required a grind and inlay to match the new sections on each end. Extensive public involvement was generated on this project from the local neighborhood association due to the need to acquire over 50 temporary and permanent easements to accommodate the widened roadway section. Other important elements in the design included an extensive retaining wall system in order to widen the street within limited space providing a better horizontal alignment through the corridor.