Hazel’s Creek Regional Stormwater Facility

Spokane, WA



Stormwater Storage Ponds


Project Cost


The City of Spokane hired Century West to develop a regional stormwater disposal facility for a parcel of land the City purchased for that purpose. The City hired a geotechnical engineering consultant to perform hydrogeologic modeling of the site to determine the available capacity of the site based on the overall groundwater system in the area. The facility had several constraints that were identified by the geotechnical consultant, and the City asked Century West to design facilities that would dispose of regional groundwater under the identified constraints. Century West prepared a stormwater facility master plan for the site and performed preliminary design of the improvements. The eventual plan included a storage pond and infiltration system that included five strategically designed ponds that would limit the infiltration at the site according to the geotechnical findings. The system was designed to operate without the need for mechanical means of diverting the stormwater between ponds and retained stormwater in each of the ponds as a water feature for wildlife and site aesthetics. The project was documented in a final report presented to the City.

Century West also provided design services for two of the proposed stormwater ponds to accept regional stormwater generated from the developing area. These two ponds were constructed as part of another project and provide stormwater detention and bio-infiltrative treatment before percolating through the aquifer system.

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