Joseph State Airport – Airport Master Plan


Century West prepared the new AMP and ALP for the only National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) airport serving Wallowa County. The project replaced a 1993 AMP and defined a development program to support the Airport’s priority improvements. Major tasks included updating aviation activity forecasts, facility requirements, alternatives analyses, preparing a new ALP drawing set, and performing an AGIS survey. The AMP maximized near-term hangar development for the Airport site through efficient site planning and targeted infill opportunities. The Airport’s CIP was updated to reflect current project priorities, and the State CIP used to program FAA dollars. The AMP developed a detailed five-year work program around the Airport’s top two priorities: hangar development and instrument approach development. A clear path for implementation was defined for immediate implementation. Additional projects were prioritized for the remainder of the twenty-year planning period. An AGIS survey was conducted to support the AMP and the development of instrument approach/departure procedures, and obstruction mitigation for the Airport.

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