Sprague Lift Station Improvement Project

Sprague, WA


Helped Acquire Funding


The primary lift station in the City of Sprague had a long history of pump clogging and failures. Century West completed a general sewer plan and lift station facility plan to assist the City in applying for Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and CDBG funds to make improvements to the City’s lift stations. The resulting funding package allowed for an 85% grant to a 15% low-interest loan ratio. The project refurbished Lift Station #1 by installing a vertical auger screen that filters out debris in the sewer system before it can clog the pumps. The refurbishment also replaced the existing pumps, motors, and discharge piping. A new valve vault was installed to provide access to discharge valves without the need to enter the wet well. The control panel was updated to provide remote monitoring capabilities and automated generator controls. The project also included the installation of a new Lift Station #3 at the south end of Dayton Street, resulting in improved service to the residents who were previously served by failing ejector pumps.

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