Lind Frost Heave Repairs

Lind, WA



In Public Assistance Funding


Approx. Population of Lind


During the winter/spring of 2017, the Town of Lind experienced an unprecedented number of freeze/thaw cycles that led to extreme repetitive frost heave resulting in the failure of multiple streets across Town. The Town, in concert with the State of Washington Emergency Management Division (EMD) and Century West, developed a scope of damages and a narrative including existing pavement condition data from the Transportation Improvement Board, historical weather data, and information from Washington State University and University of Washington on the causes and extreme nature of the 2017 frost heave damages. This information from Lind and numerous other communities was used to put forward a request for federal assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As a result, federal disaster 4309 was declared and the Town received over $800,000 in Public Assistance funding to replace the damaged roadway segments throughout their street system. The replacement areas incorporated more robust cross sections and hazard mitigation elements including removal of unsuitable base material and installation of geotextile for separation as well as minor drainage improvements. These measures will prevent future frost heaves and provide a much longer pavement life span by improving sub surface drainage and facilitating runoff routing to existing stormwater infrastructure.

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