Madras Municipal Airport Runway Rehabilitation

Madras, OR


20 Years

Our relationship with Madras Airport


Consecutive master plans created


Century West has worked with the City of Madras for nearly 20 years and has been instrumental in helping them achieve their goals for Madras Municipal Airport. Century West has completed the last two master plans for the airport, effectively charting the future that is now being realized. The Airport has seen a significant increase in recent activity, and Century West has helped secure funding in addition to providing design and construction engineering for several improvement projects.

The airport is the home to Erickson Aero Tanker and the Erickson Air Museum with historic warbirds that regularly fly. These unique tenants require special attention during the planning process to ensure that historic aircraft and legacy air tanker gear configurations are accounted for in runway/taxiway geometry layouts both for planning and design. Century West assisted Erickson on the planning and development of a 5,000-foot turf runway adjacent to the primary runway at Madras Municipal Airport.