North Area Force Main

Bend, OR



Length of 10-inch Diameter Main


Length of 12-Inch Diameter Main

$6.1 Million

Project Cost


Century West provided design services for this force main project that included installation of approximately 4,300 feet of 10-inch diameter force main and 650 feet of 12-inch gravity main that allowed for the transfer of flows into an adjacent basin with sufficient capacity. The design efforts by the multi-disciplinary team required crossing two irrigation canals by open cut methods and a single irrigation canal and railroad crossing using trenchless boring techniques. Permits were required from three irrigation districts (Central Oregon Irrigation District, North Unit Irrigation District, and Swalley Irrigation District) along with Burlington Northern Railroad and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for work within Highway 97.

Final alignment of the pipeline was achieved following numerous meetings and other coordination efforts with these five agencies, along with City of Bend officials, in order to provide the most cost effective and constructable alignment with significant restrictive parameters. Parameters included the seasonal closure of any work around the canals during irrigation season (April 1st through October 31st) and the ability to complete all final surface restoration within ODOT right-of-way by October 1st. Piping improvements at the Sawyer Pump Station included installation of a new valve vault to provide for the transfer of flows via the new pipeline. The existing 6-inch force main remains connected with isolation valves to temporarily use in the future if necessary.