Bend Phase 3 ADA Improvement Project

Bend, OR



high priority curb ramps identified


project Cost


The Century West team was selected to provide project scoping, design, bidding, and construction engineering support related to retrofitting curb ramp facilities for the City of Bend’s ADA Phase 3 Improvement Project. This project, as part of the City’s Department of Justice mandated efforts to improve accessibility within public right-of-way, required thorough coordination with City staff and extensive design documentation. As a part of the initial project scoping efforts, Century West performed site reconnaissance and identified over 100 high priority curb ramps. These ramps were then analyzed to determine the extent of ADA compliance improvements and cataloged into a prioritization matrix to be evaluated by the City. This large amount of design data was tracked and summarized using a custom database created by Century West for that purpose. Our approach with the tracking database was to ensure that information for each specific location could be easily archived, retrieved, and updated throughout the design, bidding, and construction process. Century West managed a team that included four local surveying firms running concurrently to quickly obtain topographic data for this expedited project delivery schedule. Our team used a stringent QA/QC process facilitated by the completion of individual ramp design checklists for each improvement location. The checklists ensured that our team verified existing conditions and thoroughly vetted the proposed designs to ensure each ramp was constructed to appropriate ADA specifications and met the City’s expectations. Weekly coordination meetings were held with the City to review Century West’s project schedule, the ADA Phase 3 ramp information tracking database, and overall project schedule. Design direction resulting from each meeting was integrated into the tracking database, with all action items tracked for delegation of responsibility, desired outcome of action item, and delivery schedule. Our team’s effort resulted in a project that was completed on time and within budget.