Airway Heights Recreation Center Utility Upgrades

Airway Heights, WA


Completed Ahead of Schedule

Provided Construction Management Services


The City of Airway Heights used their on-call engineer, Century West, to complete this project, as they have for every other water and sewer line project for the City for the past 18 years. The City used a design-build contract for a recreational center in the north portion of the City but wanted to maintain design control over the water, sewer, and reclaimed water service lines for the center by using their on-call engineer, Century West. Century West designed the improvements to integrate with an ongoing road project to ensure that the utility extensions would not impact a newly resurfaced roadway. This would not have been possible if the City had not used Century West for both the roadway project and the utility extension project. Century West designed approximately 7,000 linear feet (LF) of 12-inch reclaimed waterline, 11,000 LF of 6-inch sewage force main, and 3,000 LF of 12-inch water main. Century West also completed design of a sewage lift station for the recreation center. Century West is currently providing construction administration and oversight for the project as well.

The project was on a fast track for design in order to be completed in association with a Transportation Improvement Board funded road project. That project was funded in November 2017, and the City gave Century West the Notice To Proceed on the utility extension and road project shortly thereafter. The project needed to be completed concurrently with the road project design and was out to bid in March 2018. The short timeline for the project was met by using the staff resources necessary to get the project out to bid on time and before the road project bid.

Completion of the two projects in concert allowed for the completion of the utility project prior to mobilization of the road project contractor, eliminating cross contractor interaction and minimizing disruption to each segment of work. The design work also integrated seamlessly into the design/build contract, and contractors work as the utilities were provided prior that work starting, eliminating another potential claim from the design-build contractor for providing service locations.

Overall, the project is nearing completion and the use of Century West as the on-call engineer, has been a successful because of the time saved in selection of the engineer, the engineer’s knowledge of the City standards and practices, and Century West’s ability to incorporate three City projects into an integrated timeline.

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