Royal Water District Reservoir & Water System Update

Grant County, WA



water leakage vS ~50% before project


CBDG Grant money


gallons of new reservoir


This project for the Royal Water District (District) replaced the storage reservoir and a significant portion of the waterlines serving the Royal Camp community located near the intersection of SR262 and Road 12 SW in southern Grant County, Washington. Distribution system leakage was routinely 30% of the water system production and varied up to 50% annually. Due to this leakage, the District routinely ran out of water in the reservoir and in the sole source well due to overproduction. The existing water system was largely composed of asbestos concrete pipe, which had grown brittle over the years. The project was funded through a successful Community Development Block Grant application that was administered through Grant County (County). This project had many small successes along the way to its largest success: providing District residents with safe and reliable drinking water service that should meet their needs for many years to come! In 2017, the water leakage was recorded at less than 40,000 gallons, or less than 1%. From coordination with the County, the District, WSDOH, and other affected agencies; collaboration among the District, the contractor, and the consulting team; and strong support from funding agencies, this project is a stellar example of leveraging funding to the benefit of a small, disadvantaged community.

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