Spokane CSO Basin 33-2 Overflow Reduction Project

Spokane, WA


Century West Engineering was a subconsultant on this project for the City of Spokane to address Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) from CSO Basin 33. CSO Basin 33 collects sanitary sewer and stormwater from the southeastern portion of the City of Spokane. The storage facility project is intended to mitigate the peak combined sewer flows by storing a portion of the flows to reduce the occurrence of combined sewer overflows to the Spokane River.  Century West completed design of all the conveyance pipes entering and exiting the CSO Storage Facility. The design included large diameter pipelines to accommodate high sewer flows associated with rainfall events. Design of the storage facility improvements also included redesign of a complicated storm sewer system to re-route stormwater flows to the outfall and not into the sanitary sewer system.

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