Washington County On-Call Engineering ADA Transition Plan & Design Packages

Washington County, OR



curb ramps Retrofitted to ADA Curb Ramps


ADA Design. Century West is providing engineering services—including surveying, concept through final design, cost estimating, specifications and bid support—for over 200 curb ramp locations that are currently being retrofitted with ADA curb ramps due to adjacent pavement restoration in Washington County. Additionally, Century West is working closely with the County as they develop and evolve their current standards to align with ODOT and PROWAG requirements. These ramps are being divided and bid as four separate packages to create smaller individual contract values and a more competitive bidding environment. At the onset of each design package, Century West develops concept layouts over aerial imagery to confirm locations, extents of improvements, and generally verify scoping expectations. This has helped avoid unnecessary surveying costs and streamlined the transition to preliminary design. After concept approval has been obtained and survey performed, preliminary plans are developed. If any significant discrepancies are revealed during this process, the County is notified so that the team can either decide to move forward or revise the concept layout. With this heavy focus on communication during the conceptual and preliminary plans, design changes during the final design detailing of slopes and elevations have been greatly minimized and allowed Century West to meet budget expectations.

ADA Transition Plan. Century West has been leading efforts to assist Washington County with developing an ADA Transition Plan, beginning with curb ramp facilities within public rights-of-way. The County has a significant amount of urban and rural right-of-way for roadway infrastructure and looked to Century West to develop an efficient means of cataloging the accessible facilities along these corridors. Century West configured an iPad-based application that provides geo-location and ease of portability to streamline field reconnaissance efforts. The application combines photo capability, ramp specific data collection forms, and a user-friendly interface into an application that can automatically sync data to a project database in real-time. This technology, combined with the use of bicycles for the field inspection staff, has allowed Century West to efficiently catalog hundreds of facilities per day and meet the County’s budget needs.

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