Westbow-Aero Roundabout Project

Spokane County, WA


Spokane County was awarded TIB funds to complete an improvement project to the intersection of Westbow Road and Aero Road in western Spokane County. The improvements includes a single lane roundabout in the intersection with sidewalks around the roundabout along with illumination improvements and storm drainage provisions. Century West prepared design configuration options for the roundabout to determine the appropriate configuration of the roundabout and approaches. The preliminary design included establishing the horizontal and vertical alignment of the roundabout and approaches, curb, sidewalk, and other street improvements. Final design included phasing and traffic control elements which allowed the intersection to remain open and operational throughout the entirety of construction. As part of the design process we organized stakeholder meetings to solicit input from area residents and business owners who use the intersection, and to educate residents about the construction timeline and project impacts on local roadways.

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