As a professional services company, Century West understands that our staff is our most important asset. Our clients keep coming back to us because of their relationships with the responsive, informed, and talented people who work here. From Northern Idaho to Southern Oregon, we work as a team to deliver high quality municipal and aviation consulting services.

Mark Steele, GISP
Bothell, Washington
Airport Planner
Mark has 15 years of experience providing GIS and planning services for clients in the public, military, and private fields. As a GISP, he brings a deep understanding of the Geospatial Sciences to the Aviation Planning Team. His experience includes significant work on FAA Airport GIS surveys, Airport Master Plans, Airport Layout Plans, and Airport Airspace Analysis.
  • What would surprise people about you? I was born 20 minutes before Mt. St. Helens erupted.
  • Who is your favorite author? I have many. Neville Shute, Hugh Howley, and Stephen King are a few.
  • What skill would you like to master? Woodworking or programming.
  • What superhero power would you most want? The ability to fly.