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Ryan Luttmann, PE
Sandpoint, Idaho
Senior Project Manager, Idaho Offices Supervisor
Ryan brings 20 years of experience working in both private and public sectors in the design and review of roadways, transportation plans, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, stormwater plans, utilities, public parks, and land development. Ryan has the ability to cooperate with multiple organizations to balance various perspectives and achieve an end result that benefits the communities that he serves. He has significant experience managing budgets and staffing varying tasks, which leads to the successful completion of project goals. Ryan values the relationships he has developed over his career and emphasizes out-of-the-box thinking and creation of long-term solutions that account for the best use of funds and resources.
  • What would surprise people about you? I have won two Idaho State Handball Championships in open doubles (2010 and 2016)
  • What skill would you like to master? Playing guitar
  • What is your favorite restaurant? The Hydra Steakhouse in Sandpoint, Idaho