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Copalis State Airport
Draft Airport Layout Plan Report 

Copalis State Airport
Airport Layout Plan Report (May 2022)

The draft Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Report for Copalis State Airport is available for review and comment prior to final approval by the Washington Department of Transportation Aviation Division (WSDOT Aviation). The draft ALP Report has been reviewed by WSDOT Aviation and Washington Department of Parks and Recreation staff, the State of Washington agencies tasked with the management of the Airport and the surrounding Shoreline Conservation Area (SCA). The Airport extends from the north bank of the Copalis River, north to a point in line with the Copalis Rocks, a prominent coastal rock formation.

Copalis Beach State Airport is the only Pacific Ocean beach airport in Washington, first established by Grays Harbor County in 1951. The ALP Report is the first planning project completed for the Airport based on WSDOT and FAA guidelines for developing an ALP. The primary focus of the project is to define the Airport, its site conditions, facilities, users, local surroundings, and land use. The ALP Report describes current airspace surrounding the Airport and aircraft overflight regulations associated with the adjacent Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS).

The Copalis State Airport ALP provides the following:

  • Inventory of Existing Conditions
  • Summary of Airport Facility Requirements and Design Standards
  • Capital Improvement Program (maintenance, replacement, minor improvement projects)
  • Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Drawing Set
  • The defined airport boundary consistent with the Grays Harbor County Sundry Site Plans, adopted in 2020 (filed by WSDOT State Survey Manager)
  • Recommended updates to existing FAA aeronautical charts and the underlying Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to improve definitions of airport and airspace for pilots operating within, or in the vicinity of the OCNMS

The Copalis State Airport ALP Report recommends maintaining or replacing facilities already in place on an as-needed basis, including:

  • Airport Wind Cone
  • Hi-Visibility Runway End Marker Panels
  • Assorted Airport Signage
  • Maintain a safe operating runway surface
  • Repair damage to facilities caused by high tides and riverbank or tidal erosion

Improvements related to flight safety such as the addition of an airport web camera or segmented circle (visual aid) may be considered by WSDOT Aviation, if feasible. The ALP Report does not recommend development of new permanent airfield facilities, camping or day use amenities, utility extensions, or restroom facilities on the Airport.

The ALP Report’s recommended improvements are consistent with the 1973 Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission agreement with Washington DOT Aviation permitting ongoing operation of the beach runway.

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