WSDOT Aviation – Airport Layout Plans

As part of the ongoing maintenance and operation for its group of state-managed airports, the Washington Department of Transportation – Aviation Division developed Airport Layout Plans (ALP) and accompanying technical reports (ALP Reports) to address basic facility and safety needs for the following airports:

These airports are not included in the FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airports (NPIAS) and are therefore not eligible to receive FAA funding. The ALP project was funded by the WSDOT Aviation Division through its airport maintenance and capital improvement budgets that are supported entirely through airport user fees and state aviation fuel taxes. The ALP drawing sets were prepared in accordance with FAA and WSDOT Aviation technical standards for ALP preparation.

The group of state-managed airports provide basic general aviation facilities and support a wide range of uses, including recreation, resource management, aerial wildfire response, and emergency response. Most of the runways at these airports are unpaved and unlighted, and several of the airports are closed during the winter months.

The ALP Report provides the framework needed to effectively manage activities, maintain existing facilities, and guide future improvements that are cost-effective while considering potential environmental or community impacts.

The ALP drawings graphically depict current and future configurations of facilities, protected airfield areas, and the airspace associated with the airport. WSDOT Aviation will use the ALP drawings and the ALP report as the primary guidance to prioritize future improvements and investments at each airport.

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