As a professional services company, Century West understands that our staff is our most important asset. Our clients keep coming back to us because of their relationships with the responsive, informed, and talented people who work here. From Northern Idaho to Southern Oregon, we work as a team to deliver high quality municipal and aviation consulting services.

Tyler Harvie, EIT
Spokane, Washington
After graduating from the University of Idaho, Tyler began work at N.A. Degerstrom Inc. as Field Engineer/Survey Tech. Tyler has experience with airport taxiway construction, photogrammetric drone surveying, mass excavation to embankment, bridge demolitions, road rehabilitation, irrigation canal lining & pipe networks, new road and bridge construction, and site restorations. Tyler joined Century West Engineering in the Spokane Valley Office, and helps with design and inspections for projects.
  • What’s the best place to be when you aren’t working? Exploring the mountains, being by the water, or working on my old pickup.
  • What is your favorite movie? Quigly Down Under
  • What skill would you like to master? Reloading and long-range shooting
  • What is your dream vacation? Hunting expedition to New Zealand