Washington State Community Airports Association

Our Mission

We will promote and encourage general aviation airport management, as well as, cooperate with and assist State agencies in the development of programs related to aviation activities and management of facilities. Further, we will promote and encourage safety in aviation and facilities, encourage and engage in research for the improvement and better understanding of aviation facilities, and foster promote and engage in aviation education. Finally, we will promote and encourage grass root efforts relating to general aviation in Washington State. 

2021 Conference
OCTOBER 20-21, 2021

Welcome reception - October 19

This is your opportunity to support a vital Washington organization that is focused on our state’s community airports.

Board of Directors

Corley McFarland – cmfarland@preappinc.com

David Chenaur – ChenauD@wsdot.wa.gov

Samantha Peterson – speterson@centurywest.com

Directors: Rob Hodgman  |  William Stoelt  |  Shannon Anderson  |  Bob Weeks

Our Members & Partners

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