Auburn Municipal Airport On-Call Services

Auburn, WA


On-Call Services
Century West is the Auburn Municipal Airport’s Consultant for the next five year 2017-2022 term. In addition to designing a slurry seal project and performing an environmental assessment for a proposed runway extension, the team’s on-call experience at Auburn include the following:
  • Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Plans
  • Review of off-site development
  • Analyzing potential construction equipment heights adjacent the Airport
  • Review of Wildlife Hazard Management Plans
  • Review of utility plan construction plans adjacent the Airport
DBE Plans are updated every three years and are required by Airport Sponsors to receive grants. Century West prepared two separate DBE plans for the City of Auburn. The City identified a proposed building near the extended centerline of the runway and asked Century West to identify any restrictions for construction. The City was in the process of identifying locations where large cranes could operate within approximately 1 mile of the Airport. We identified potential limiting of crane heights. Another task performed by the Century West team was to review the Wildlife Hazard Management Plan and identify how to accomplish some of the recommendations in the plan, including tree clearing. The City asked Century West to review utility plans for an underground communications line being installed adjacent the Airport.

Runway Shift Environmental Assessment
Century West completed the Environmental Assessment for the Auburn Airport Runway 16/34 extension project. The 2015 Airport Master Plan for the Auburn Municipal Airport depicted north and south runway extensions and planned purchase of property located in the Runway 34 runway protection zone (RPZ). Increasing the length of Runway 16/34 is recommended as a high priority project to improve safety and the ability to accommodate the current and forecast fleet of multiengine piston aircraft for both takeoff and accelerate-stop distances. This project included an assessment of the property to be acquired within the Runway 34 RPZ for added safety that is depicted on the ALP. The EA reviewed all NEPA impact categories included wetlands study, endangered species, cultural resources, and other potential impacts.

Runway Extension Design
Century West assisted the City of Auburn in their efforts to extend Runway 16/34, the Airport’s sole runway. Century West’s role began during the Master Plan that was completed in 2015 and identified a need for a runway extension on both runway ends. Being constrained in an urban environment, the Airport would have to utilize declared distances to hold the existing runway threshold locations. Century West performed the Environmental Assessment for the runway extension in 2017; however, the FAA required additional documentation to support the runway extension. Through an additional planning exercise, the Century West team was able to demonstrate the need for the runway extension that allowed the FAA to approve the project and begin design. The design of the project took place in 2019, and the project will be bid in summer 2019 with construction scheduled for 2020. Century West was able to make the case to the FAA that the project is warranted and was able to justify the use of declared distances on the runway project.

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