Eastside System Improvements

Liberty Lake, WA


Century West assisted the District in preparing loan applications for three phases of these system consolidation projects. The three phases were funded by the WSDOH SRF Program. Project funding was provided through two separate loans/forgivable principal packages totaling over $3.7 million. Century West prepared environmental documentation and assisted with the preparation of legal documentation for the ownership transition of the system from private ownership to the District. Century West provided design and construction management for the improvements to bring the system up to District Standards. The improvements included the abandonment of private wells and storage facilities, replacements of approximately 11,400 feet of water main, fire hydrants, and water services. Phase 2 included very challenging service line connections to eliminate about 3,000 feet of 2-inch water main that was located under houses, driveways, and other improvements. These required both temporary and permanent easements on private property. Century West provided easement documents and visited with each property owner to secure the easements. Service lines were installed on steep slopes, under existing retaining walls, and through driveways and landscaped areas. During construction, traffic flow was very limited. Century West provided progress updates and responded to questions from all property owners along the route of construction. Century West recently assisted the District in completing an application to WSDOH for the fourth and final phase of consolidation work. If funded, this phase will replace an additional 2,600 feet of water main, water services, fire hydrants, and appurtenances. The estimated cost for this phase is $1.1 million. With all phases, approximately 95% of the old private system will have been replaced.

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