Sherman Avenue Water & Wastewater Rehabilitation

Hood River, OR


Century West was the design engineer for rehabilitating 3,400 feet of wastewater mains and services, including 11 manholes; 38 service cleanouts; and over 1,000 feet of new water mains, services, and meters within Sherman Avenue in Hood River. Project elements also included a mill and inlay of a new asphalt street surface and the design of 11 new ADA-compliant corner ramps. A key challenge to this project was the location and identification of existing infrastructure. In a town as old as Hood River, the utility records are limited, if existing at all. Century West spent considerable time researching records and City GIS and conducting field reconnaissance with City Operations crews. This extra effort aided the design and added to the institutional knowledge within the City.

Another challenge during construction is that Sherman Avenue between 2nd and 6th Streets is a congested area of residential homes, small businesses, a church, and the Hood River County Courthouse. Century West recognized the challenge of constructing new infrastructure in this environment and preemptively prepared a phasing plan for the Contractor at the start of construction. Constructive dialogue with the City, Contractor, and Century West team has led to the implementation a closure and phasing plan that is functional for the project and does not strain the daily lives of those who live and work within the corridor. While not scoped for this effort, Century West realized the overall benefit to the project and its stakeholders by going the extra mile.

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