Latah Creek Golf Course Entrance Road Rehabilitation

Spokane, WA


Century West, as Spokane County’s on-call civil engineering consultant, was asked to provide design and limited construction administration services to rehabilitate the entrance road, exit road, and main parking lot for the Latah Creek Golf Course in Spokane County. The original plan for the project was to use full-depth reclamation (FDR) and cement-treated base (CTB) material to provide a long-lasting roadway for the facility. As the pulverization and mixing were beginning, the underlying base material was found to contain large amounts of riprap-sized rock that was not conducive to CTB or FDR. The FDR process was abandoned, and the roadway was finished with standard paving practices that resulted in a quality finished surface. Lighting and security cameras were added around the parking lot as well. During construction, additional funding was allocated to the project that allowed the County to overlay two additional parking areas as well as the golf cart path from those parking areas to the clubhouse. In all, the County resurfaced all of the facility’s parking areas, the connecting paths, and the entrance and exit roads to the golf course and moved golf cart trailer parking out of the main lot allowing for a 30% increase in parking capacity.

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