Simpson Pavilion Ice Rink

Bend, OR


$11.5 Million

Project Cost

29k sq ft

Covered Open-Air Facility

11k sq ft

Support Building


Century West was part of the design team that delivered a new ice rink pavilion for the Bend Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD). As the first public ice rink in the City of Bend, this $11.5 million project converts a former 3.25-acre parking lot into a new open air pavilion that will house an Olympic-standard ice rink in the winter and numerous activities such as tennis, basketball, and concerts in the summer. The site was redeveloped with approximately 100 parking spaces and several areas for gathering in a park-like setting. Century West was responsible for the design and analysis of the site. Per BPRD’s direction, several low impact development (LID) techniques were incorporated.

For stormwater management, several LID alternatives were analyzed such as porous pavement for the parking lot, pervious pavers for the walk ways, and infiltration swales and galleries throughout the site for stormwater collection. Furthermore, Century West assisted the architect team in designing a rainwater collection system that collects and stores the runoff from the roof for use in the Zamboni during winter months and irrigation for summer months. Other LID options included reducing the parking needs by providing ample bicycle access and parking and pedestrian connectivity. Century West also designed a retrofit of the bordering local street to a green street by narrowing the pavement section, adding vegetative stormwater swales, and improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities.