Lincoln Street Waterline Replacement Project

Hillsboro, OR



LF of Water Line Replaced


Water Services Replaced


Century West completed the design for the Lincoln Street waterline replacement project for the City of Hillsboro Water Department. The project included replacing approximately 500 linear feet of existing 4-inch steel waterline with new 8-inch ductile iron waterline. The project also included the replacement of seven residential or commercial water services. The City had initially requested the waterline to be in the northern roadway travel lane of Lincoln Street, a two-lane, one-way roadway. After researching existing infrastructure in the area and thinking through the waterline construction, Century West suggested the City locate the waterline near the southern roadway shoulder. This approach greatly reduced utility conflicts and traffic control, which resulted in project cost savings. While the number and severity of utility conflicts were reduced, the waterline still required various horizontal and vertical deflections to route under and around existing utility infrastructure that could not be relocated as part of this project. In addition to waterline design, the project also included engineering for roadway pavement, curb, and sidewalk restoration.