Bremerton National Airport – History of Work

Bremerton, WA


In 2017, the Port of Bremerton selected Century West for its five-year service agreement at the Bremerton National Airport. This agreement is intended to deliver the planning and engineering services outlined in the 2014 update of the AMP that was prepared by Century West.
Task Orders:
  • Runway/Taxiway Lighting Design
  • Grass Runway
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Industrial Development Support
  • South Hangar Site Development
  • Runway/Taxiway Lighting Construction Management
  • South Hangar Environmental Assessment
  • North Hangar Layout and Environmental Assessment
  • Term Siting Study
  • South Hangar Construction Management
  • 2019-ongoing; South Hangar Site Development
  • 2018-ongoing; Industrial Park Development
  • 2018-ongoing; Federal Land Release Coordination
  • 2018-ongoing; Airport Layout Plan Pen and Ink Update
  • 2018-ongoing; Airfield Lighting Improvements
  • 2019-2020; Terminal Area Reconfiguration Study

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