Portland International Airport, Taxiway T Rehabilitation & Concourse B Apron Improvements

Portland, OR

Port of Portland

Service Area

Project Highlights
• Pavement Rehabilitation

• Taxiway Reconstruction
• Stormwater Improvements

Project Team


Century West completed design services for the PDX Taxiway T Rehabilitation and Concourse B Apron Improvements project. The project included multiple pavement rehabilitation methods for Taxiway T including mill and inlay and full-depth reconstruction and shoulder widening for Taxiway B to comply with current FAA standards. The Concourse B Apron Improvements portion of the project includes the extension of the concrete apron area for Gates B1–B3 and new concrete hardstand for the remaining B Gates and RON parking areas. Storm system improvements included the replacement of 2,500 linear feet (LF) of an existing 24-inch east/west storm main and approximately 900 LF of a 36-inch north/south storm main within the Concourse B apron and Taxiway T Rehabilitation area. Additional stormwater improvements included the reconfiguration and replacement of existing storm laterals and catch basins within the project area to extend the life of the storm system and correct existing deficiencies. Electrical improvements included adjustments and replacements of the existing lighting system and power/communication vaults within the project area. Construction phasing is critical to this project as Taxiway T and B are both heavily trafficked for access to Concourse A and B Gates. While much of Concourses A and B will be closed for 2020 construction, Gates B1 and B2 will remain open during 2020, and closed in 2021 for the completion of the project. Due to this phasing constraint, Century West was careful to properly design and phase both pavement rehabilitation and stormwater replacements such that 2020 and 2021 construction seasons can be completed seamlessly and with minimal impact to ongoing airport operations. Century West also led extensive utility coordination efforts and stakeholder involvement with multiple Port departments to ensure a successful project. The current construction estimate for the improvements is approximately $7M.

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