Runway 5-23 Shift, Extension, and Reconstruction

Davenport, WA


The project’s primary goal was to improve the safety and efficiency of the airport’s airfield by reconstructing the primary runway. This involved extending, widening, and shifting the runway to meet current FAA design standards, accommodate the projected fleet mix, and remedy the line-of-sight deficiency. Century West was pivotal in the project by providing a consistent, long-term, full-service team to complete preliminary planning, environmental assessment, land acquisition, final design, construction phasing, and construction management. The new runway configuration also includes the design of Runup areas with taxiway connections on both ends of the runway, Medium Intensity Runway Lights, a lighted wind cone, a new rotating beacon, lighted guidance signs, full underdrain, and surface stormwater runoff control, Runway Protection, Zone grading, closure of the crosswind runway, and a Magnetic Variation (MagVar) change for the reconstructed primary runway.

Despite unique challenges, including land acquisition, obstruction removal, AGIS survey, and preliminary PAPI Siting Design, Century West remained focused on the long-term objective throughout years of planning, environmental assessment, land acquisition, design, and construction. The design process revealed the need for significant frost protection of the pavement section, the design of which required extensive FAA coordination. Construction encountered unanticipated perched groundwater within the subgrade, requiring rapid deployment of synthetic subgrade stabilization to maintain the project schedule. However, Century West completed each successive task on time and within budget, resulting in a primary runway compliant with current FAA design standards, frost-protected, and well-drained for pavement longevity. The new runway configuration also allows for full Airport control of both Runway Protection Zones, modernized with Medium Intensity Runway Lighting, signage, beacon, and wind cone, and integrated with a developable taxilane.

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