Portland International Airport, Remain Overnight (RON) Parking Reconfiguration

Portland, OR

Port of Portland

Service Area

Project Highlights
• Security Fencing

• Pavement Design
• Construction Support Services

Project Team


Due to the Port of Portland’s Terminal Balancing project and the increased demand for overnight aircraft parking, the Port is reconfiguring an existing 8-acre General Aviation services and hangar area just outside of the aircraft operations area (AOA) to be converted into a remain overnight parking facility for up to 16 aircraft. The parking area is anticipated to be used by various aircraft including the Boeing B737 and B747, and the Airbus A330. Security fencing will be reconfigured to include the parking area within the AOA. Century West performed preliminary and final design services for this project that will start construction in April 2020. As part of the scope of work, Century West’s team provided design services for a 7-acre concrete RON aircraft parking area, a 1-acre asphalt ground support equipment parking area, stormwater infrastructure with fuel spill prevention control valves, an underground fire hydrant system, high-mast site lighting, and a CCTV security camera system. Included with these services, Century West provided alternatives analyses, utility coordination, stakeholder involvement, concrete and asphalt pavement design, construction phasing, assessment of parking geometry, preparation of cost estimates and specifications, and bid period support. Bids for this project ranged from $10M to $12M, with Century West’s engineer’s estimate at $11M. Century West will provide construction support services over the summer of 2020 with the review of submittals and requests for information, attend regular construction meetings, and assist with closeout documentation.

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