Port of Hood River, Ken Jernstedt Airfield North Apron Rehabilitation Project

Hood River, OR


Century West completed the Ken Jernstedt Airfield Master Plan for the Port of Hood River that included a concept for redevelopment of the north apron area on the airport. Based on a developer proposal for additional improvements adjacent to the apron, Century West worked with the Port and the developer to refine the FAA-funded apron improvements and the integration of the developer proposed hangar and aviation related business components. Century West the completed the preliminary design, Environmental Assessment, and final design for the proposed improvements. The project included the rehabilitation of the existing apron pavement; reconfiguration of the apron geometry to include parking positions, apron taxilanes, and taxiway connections; the design of the wetland mitigation site identified in the approved Environmental Assessment; construction of two taxiway connections to the existing north parallel taxiway; elimination of a direct apron connection to Runway 7; the design of pavement underdrains for the new taxiway and apron pavements; and the layout of new pavement markings and elevated reflectors. A high level of coordination and planning went into the connection of this project with that of the adjacent Aviation Technology & Emergency Response Center Project to ensure that utility, grading, and other features would work as designed, regardless of which project was constructed first. Century West also provided construction administrative and inspection support on both projects simultaneously, saving the Port labor and expense costs.

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