Sandpoint Downtown Revitalization

Sandpoint, ID


With the completion of the Sand Creek Byway, US Highway 95 is no longer routed directly through downtown Sandpoint. The City converted the 3-lane one-way traffic on First Avenue and Cedar Street to a two-way, pedestrian friendly downtown corridor that supports local businesses and encourages growth and investment in the downtown area. Century West led a team of design professionals to make this transition from highway traffic to a tree-lined boulevard that met the expectations of the City businesses that participated in the upfront planning for the downtown conversion. Features included wider sidewalks, angled and parallel on-street parking, street trees, pedestrian lighting, aesthetic storm gardens, and a furnishing zone. Utilities were improved including storm sewers and live replacement of the sanitary sewer that were in need of repair. The project was phased to accommodate funding through the urban renewal agency, construction of the sewer replacements during low groundwater tables and to maintain business operations during the peak tourist season.

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