Bonners Ferry, Wilson Street to Solomon Road Corridor

Bonners Ferry, ID


Century West worked with the City of Bonners Ferry to develop concept alternatives for a multi-modal roadway section and provide connectivity between Wilson Street and Solomon Road. The project was identified in the City’s Transportation Plan and serves to reduce traffic congestion on US-95 and provide a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists accessing school properties. The City acquired right-of-way for the complete streets corridor that required the utility infrastructure to be completed within a specific timeline. The water, sewer, and power utilities were designed to accommodate the construction of the roadway, bicycle lane, and pedestrian facilities with a phased approach that provided flexibility for the City while meeting the necessary project timelines. Construction of the water and sewer infrastructure was completed in June 2020, and the road base material is in place. The City will use the phased approach to seek grant dollars or urban renewal funding to pave the new street and bicycle lane. The project will also promote development of the adjacent properties that will incorporate the construction of the designed pedestrian facilities.

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