Sunriver Owners Association Beaver and Abbot Roundabout

Sunriver, OR


For over a decade, the Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) has recognized the need to improve the intersection of Beaver Drive and Abbot Drive. Immediately following the grand Sunriver entrance roundabout on Century Drive, the existing T-intersection served as the primary decision point for residents and visitors traveling to the multiple destinations within Sunriver. In collaboration with stakeholders including Sunriver Resort and the Village at Sunriver, SROA contracted with Century West to create a preliminary design for a roundabout at this intersection. The team met frequently with SROA and project stakeholders to identify key constraints and objectives. With support from our traffic engineering subconsultant (Kittelson and Associates), Century West produced and evaluated eight intersection treatment alternatives. After several rounds of public involvement meetings, a double roundabout design was selected for refinement, complete traffic analysis, and final design. The Century West team completed design and provided SROA with bid period services to retain the local contractor, Marcum and Sons. At SROA’s request, Century West is currently providing supplemental construction inspection and administrative services. The Contractor, SROA, and Century West worked together during the initial phase of construction to realize cost savings sufficient to allow for the Century West-led design and Marcum-led construction of a pre-cast concrete pedestrian undercrossing immediately west of the new Abbot-Beaver roundabout. This value engineering exercise will result in the completion of the tunnel project within the same construction window as the roundabout. The end result is a safer intersection for both pedestrian/bicycle traffic and vehicles moving through the intersection of Abbot and Beaver Drives.

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