Washington State School for the Blind Parking Lots

Vancouver, WA


Fast-tracked project


Century West Engineering recently completed the design for a parking lot pavement maintenance project on the campus of Washington State School for the Blind. Century West evaluated three of the school’s parking lots to determine suitable treatment options for each based on the existing condition of pavement. Two of the parking lots had been paved within the last 10 years but had not receive any pavement maintenance since. Due to the satisfactory surface texture of these pavements, Century West recommended crack sealing followed up by a fog seal to reduce water intrusion and extend the life of the pavement. The remaining parking lot was much older in age and had previously received a surface treatment that was no longer functional. This parking lot received crack sealing and a seal coat to improve surface texture and prevent water intrusion. All parking lots were then re-striped with parking stalls. Century West and the contractor worked with the on-site facilities manager to complete the project prior to the beginning of the school year to reduce safety risks for the students.

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